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Let's do Anicolor!

Was the colour of your last full colour litho print job anicolor? If not you need to ask yourself why not.....but then what is Anicolor? Anicolor is a remarkable technology where litho printing meets digital.

The result is:

  • Switch over point from digital to litho is at much lower volumes.
  • The turn around time is much quicker than traditional litho lead times.
  • Litho quality print

In addition the colour quality is exceptional and most importantly you can be assured of colour consistency during and between runs.

What's the secret?

It has an ingenious and unique inking system. For those with a working knowledge of the litho printing process, the Anicolor has a short zoneless inking unit with dampening system; a seamless operation that allows very quick and even inking without tedious ink adjustments. As a consequence, waste is reduced by up to 90 percent compared with machines with conventional inking units.No tweaking inking keys on our machine!

Anicolor is a proprietary product of the leading offset (litho) press supplier Heidelberg.

Brought to you by Press Lab in conjunction with Minuteman Press Cape Town, both conveniently located in the City Bowl.

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