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Bindery & Finishing

Coil Binding

Coil Binding

Coil or spiral binding is an excellent choice for frequently used document like manuals. It is similar to cerlox / comb binding but the ease of paging through the document is superior to cerlox binding. Coil binding fits in-between cerlox and wire binding with cerlox the most cost-effective and wire the most expensive.

Coil binding uses a spiral plastic coil spun through circular holes punched in the document. The ends are crimped to prevent the spiral coil rolling out. Pages cannot be added or removed after binding. The document is usually bound with a clear acetate front cover and backing board. Custom printed front and back cover boards are also possible. 

• A5 (portrait/landscape), A4, (portrait/landscape), A3 (landscape)
• black, white spiral (special colours on request)
• clear acetate or printed board front cover
• plain black, white or printed backing board