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SADDLE-STITCHED booklets uses two staples along the spine to bind it. This binding can be used to make self-covered booklets, in which the cover and contents are on the same stock; it can also make a booklet where the cover is on thicker stock.

RING BINDING is most common for training manuals and it can be bound with a clear acetate front cover and backing board or else custom printed and front and back covers which are laminated. It comes in three binding options:
• coil binding
• wire binding
• cerlox / comb binding

PUR glue binding is widely used because it offers a professional, sophisticated look with a high visual appeal. PUR bound books are created using melted glue that are strong, yet flexible, and they have a rectangular flat spine. This style is a popular binding method for paperback/softcover books, annual reports, and catalogues.