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Ring/Wire Bound Book Quotes

Get a personalised quote from one of the leading printing companies in Cape Town for ring bound books.

Whether you're still sketching on a napkin or have print-ready artwork, we can help with the next step. Just submit your project information in the form below and a representative will contact you soon.

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Plastic comb / ring binding (cerlox): Similar to wire binding but using a tubular plastic piece with teeth that fit through rectangular holes punched into the binding edge.

Plastic spiral binding (coil): Mostly used for documents that require frequent handling and lay-flat requirements. The binding cannot be undone to replace/add pages, but it is more hard-wearing than the standard plastic ring/cerlox binding. This type of binding can withstand being squashed into an over-full briefcase without being permanently flattened like wire binding

Wire binding: Wires in a spiral form threaded through punched holes along the binding edge of the papers. Allows the document to lay open flatly.

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